Natural Remedies for cold

Natural Remedies

It is true, that there is no cure for cold. It comes of its own and goes by its own no matter how much prevention you take. But you can cure its symptoms. You can take antibiotics and pain killer; however natural remedies are the best as they boost your immunity and have absolutely no side effects on your body.

Here are a few natural remedies that you must try:

Drink plenty of fluids: Fluids, especially water or juice shall keep you hydrated and remove the toxins of your body. It moisturizes the linings of the nose and throat, making it much easier for the mucus to be cleared. Avoid coffee or alcohol as they tend to dry your throat. You can also have warm water, this will soothe your throat as well.

Maintain proper hygiene: Since you are down with cold, you are likely to sneeze and cough. Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing and throw away wet tissues. Wash your hands and face regularly so that you do not transmit your cold to anyone else.

Eat chicken/vegetable soup: Eating soup is good for you during cold as it loosens the mucus, as well as its warmth have a soothing effect on the throat and body. The nutrients in the soup help to build up your body’s immunity. Try adding pepper to your soup, this shall provide relief from congestion.

 Ginger: Ginger acts as natural cough suppressants. You can have raw, fresh cut ginger or drink Ginger tea several times in a day. To increase its effectiveness you may also add a few drops of lemon and honey into it

Salt water gargle: Salt water gargle reduces and loosens mucus thereby soothing your sore throat and nasal congestion. You can do it 3-4 times a day. You may also add apple cider vinegar which acts as a pain relief for the throat.

Honey and Lemon: Warm water along with honey and lemon if drunk early in the morning soothes the agitated throat as well as is very effective in reducing tummy fat.

Yogi Kanthika: You can also try Yogi Kanthika, which is a purely natural and sugar free product made of herbs like Licorice, Holy basil, Ginger etc. It is very effective for sore throat and cough congestion.

Milk and Turmeric: Add few teaspoonful of turmeric powder to milk and then boil it. Leave it for some time to cool down and then drink it. It provides relief from cough in a few days and is most effective for cough caused by bacteria. Roasted turmeric powder along with honey provides relief from dry persistent cough. In case you don’t like consuming milk, you can also have turmeric powder with warm water.

Happy Healing!!!

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The Music Must Never Stop


Every good song that you hear makes you sing along. You are famous for your voice and you would do everything to make it sound that way. One the few things that you hate the most is “Hoarseness of voice”. Other than the blowing noses, irritating throat congestion, sneezes, and coughs, cold also takes away the melody from your voice making it sound hoarse. It is those days when you would anything to make your voice sound as earlier, as your day and your job depends on it.  You take all precautions to keep cold away from you, which include sacrificing your ice-creams, drinking tea instead of cold drinks, every morning hot water gargle. But still sometimes you suffer from hoarseness of voice might be due to cold or vocal strain due to over-using the voice and bad technique. This causes swelling, immobility of vocal folds which in turn leads to the feeling of stiffness and a hoarse voice.

Scared to face it? Have a look at a few things you could try:

1. Stop Smoking: If you are smoker, it is high time to realize the effect smoking can have on your throat and voice. Quit smoking at once. Refer to know how to quit smoking. Avoid secondhand smoke as well.

2. Drink Water: Drink plenty of water that will hydrate your throat and heal it faster. You can also have hot water with honey and lemon and avoid alcohol and caffeine based drinks.

3. Proper Diet: Take care of your diet and avoid spicy foods as they may increase the throat inflation. 

4. Rest: Take ample rest and try not to use your voice too long or too loudly. Proper rest to your throat and vocal cords will soothe and provide relief from pain.

5. Yogi Kanthika: You can also try Yogi Kanthika, which is a natural, sugar free, no side effect pill , very much effective for throat issues and hoarseness of voice. The presence of mulethi and sunth provides relief from sore throat and hoarseness of voice. See for details at how it cures.

6. Consult a Doctor: If problems persist for more than a week, contact the physician.

We also recommend you to use Kanthika as prevention for such issues, as nothing should ever come between you and your music and the show must go on.

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How not to fall ill?

Prevention of cold

To be frank, neither we are god nor there is any full proof medicine (or kawach ) available that will give you lifelong protection from diseases like cold and cough. However, there are few precautions you can take to reduce the chances of falling ill and taking a leave.

Have proper food and water: This includes both eating nutritious food and at regular intervals. Not that it will fight away cold, but it definitely builds your immunity to fight against the initial viral attack. Have plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet that offer antioxidants. Drink plenty of water, this will keep you hydrated and flush out all the toxins of the body

Take rest: In the race of chasing money, we often tend to sacrifice our Sleep. This however decreases our body’s strength and immunity. Try to get 7 -8 hours of sleep at night.

Maintain proper Hygiene: Always wash your hands after you shake hands with someone. Prefer using a tissue paper instead of handkerchief while coughing or sneezing and also remember to dispose it off at the earliest. At common places keep your hands away from your nose and mouth.

Never ever bite your nails: Germs tend to get under your nails and biting them is the easiest way to get it into your body.

Regular Exercise: Exercise other than keeping you fit also acts as a stress buster. It is found that people doing regular workouts fall less ill than others. However, if you are sick don’t go for heavy work outs, as this diverts the energy that would otherwise have been used for fighting the virus.

Balance the body temperature: Frequent in and out from the air-conditioned room to a hotter climate creates problem for the body to adjust to the varying temperature. So, it recommended switching off the AC some time before you leave out, so that your body can slowly prepare itself for the outside temperature.

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Know Your Cold

Your throat feels scratchy, you are sneezing, coughing, feel stuffed and blocked from inside. This feels like cold. But as days pass and you are not feeling better, you begin to wonder if you actually suffering from Cold or is it flu or Sinus infection or some kind of allergy? All these have a lot of things in common and your doctor after a few tests might be able to say exactly which disease you are suffering from. However there are a few ways by which you can distinguish them.

 Diseases chart


Cold: Common cold is a mild viral infection that infects the nose and the upper respiratory illness. Rhinovirus is the most common virus causing the cold. These viruses thrive in humid climate and therefore people generally catch cold during winter and rainy seasons. It transmits from one person to the other via air. It generally begins with sore throat and running nose which might then lead to sneezing, cough, moderate fever, headache and mild tiredness over a period of few days. It is most contagious in first 3 days and typically lasts for about 3-7 days. However, home remedies like warm water gargle and over the counter medicines like Kanthika, cough drops etc can be taken.

Flu: Flu on the other hand is more serious respiratory tract infection which is caused by Influenza viruses. It is contagious and usually spread by cough and sneezes of the affected person. Its symptoms are more severe than cold which include high fever, fatigue, headache severe body ache, prolonged coughs accompanied with shaking chills. It generally lasts longer than cold. If you are suffering from prolonged fever and body ache for more than 5-7 days, you should consult a doctor. However, home remedies like ginger honey tea and over the counter medicines like Kanthika might provide you some comfort.

Allergies: Cold in summer is generally confused as allergies by the people, because you don’t expect to catch a cold in summer. However, allergies are caused by an overactive immune system of the body. Your body might sometimes mistake harmless things, such as dust or pollen, for germs and attacks on them. This might result in swelling of the nose passages, itching, irritation, sneezing and coughing. Unlike cold, allergies are generally non-contagious and last as long as your body is in contact with the elements triggering the allergy. Once you stop your body from being in contact with those elements you are likely to recover soon. You may consult your doctor is you are unable to find out the allergic triggering element.

Sinus Infection: There are times when cold may cause inflammation or swelling of the sinuses (i.e. empty spaces in the skull that are connected to each other). The swelling blocks the passage and prevents the flow of mucus wherein bacteria can grow which leads to sinus infection often referred as sinusitis. You are likely to be suffering from Sinusitis, if you are suffering from pain in the areas around your face, eyes and forehead accompanied by stuffy nose, congestion with a thick yellow or green nasal discharge. Nasal drops and inhaling warm vapors might provide instant relief. However if such symptoms lasts for more than 14 days, you should consult a doctor.

Hope this helped you know what ailment you are likely to be suffering from and take the necessary treatment. However, in case of doubt please contact your doctor. The sooner you diagnose, the sooner you can be treated.


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Cold Treatment During Summer

With 41 degree temperature today, you must be thinking that it’s not cold in summer and definitely not a time to catch cold. It is hot outside and a perfect time to sit in a well furnished air conditioned room; you feel active and want to get all your work done. And if you feel you are having cold in this scorching heat, there is nothing to be worried and it is absolutely normal. Even though chance of catching cold in summer is less likely than in winter, cold in summer is a common phenomenon. But, unlike winter cold which is nasty and short, summer colds are generally longer. As the virus which causes cold in winter is different from the one infecting you in summer. So, do not worry if it stays more than five- six days.
A few things to keep in mind about Summer Cold:
  1. Reason: We think that summer is the best time for having chilled drinks, but sadly our body doesn’t think so. There is a significant temperature difference between the body temperature and the cold food we consume. When cold food or beverages enters the food pipe, it encounters the warm vaporized fluid in the lungs. The result is phlegm formed in the lungs which lowers lung function and capacity. Prolonged ingestion of cold food and drink can cause coughs, susceptibility to the flu or other illnesses etc. 
The most common reason for such cold is the frequent shift of people between warm and cool environment. Frequent moving in and out of air conditioned room might actually increase the vulnerability of sickness in summer. The sudden chilling lowers the defenses in the nose and throat and if a virus is already present, this reduces our immunity to fight against it.
  1. Cold and Allergy: Summer colds can have more severe flu-like symptoms, in addition to sneezing and coughing.Since it stays longer, you might often confuse it with flu or allergies. It is common for cold in summer to last longer. However, if there are symptoms of itching eyes or ears, rashes etc you might be suffering from allergies.
  2. Avoid Heavy Work-Out: If you have cold, working out in summer, with the hope that your body shall feel warm and eventually you shall be relieved from the cold, is a bad idea. Since exercise and work outs drive out the energy of the body, decreasing the energy left to fight the virus.
  3. Proper Rest and Water: The best treatment would be to take ample amount of rest and plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Prefer drinking water and avoid beverages that can dry you out, like sodas, coffee, and alcohol, especially during the hot days of summer. However, a hot soup or green tea shall be beneficial.
  4. Yogi Kanthika: Zinc lozenges are expected not to work as good as in case of the common cold in winter. However, you can also try Yogi Kanthika which is purely herbal and sugar free pill. It restrains your throat from being dry,as well as the herbs present in it soothe your throat and provide relief from cough congestion.
  5. Doctor: You can also add fruits that contain vitamin C in your diet. However, consider consulting a physician if fever and rashes persist for over 10 days.

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Treatment of Cold at Workplace

I am sure every working guy will surely relate to this!
There is no fixed time when your morning starts; it could start with the early morning client call which you take up from home before reaching office. Or it could even start when you reach home from your late night shift, working on your deliverable. If you are lucky then you might have no early morning client calls, with ample time to gulp your breakfast and reach your desk before your Lead.
Working all day in the AC and long client calls, might appear exiting, but it is not so for your throat. It is very likely that you face throat irritations, cold and dry cough often leading to throat congestion and pain due to sore throat. As a result you consume lozenges, candies (which are still there in your drawer) or gulp down hot coffee available at the nearest vending machine which provides relief to your scratching throat as well as keeps you awake.
A few things for you to consider:
  1. Know your cough and the reason behind the same:Cough due to Cold, or long calls over the phone or due to smoking are different and needs to be treated differently.
  2. Hot Tea/ Coffee: It is very common for people to drink water just after consuming hot tea/ coffee . But this often exaggerates the problem. However doing it other way round i.e. having tea after drinking water can be beneficial.
  3. Warm water: Drinking warm water or Soup is also a good way of soothing the inflammation in the throat.
  4. Sugar Lozenges:The lozenges or candies that you consume all day, actually does no good in the long run. It is strictly advised not to have more than 8 lozenges in a day. If you are trying to reduce your tummy fat, then sugar lozenges are strict NO. And as your mom always said eating sweet candies on a regular basis shall lead to formation of cavities and tooth decay.
  5. Yogi Kanthika : Try a Yogi Kanthika, easily available at a medicine store near you or online. It is 100% Ayurvedic, 0% sugar and it has a proven record of providing relief from throat ailment.
  6. Raw Ginger:One of the few things you can try at office is to chew raw ginger on and off throughout the day to reduce your cough. Very effective with no side effects.
  7. Lemon and Honey:Lemon juice with honey added in hot water makes a good cough syrup and if consumes empty stomach in the morning helps reduce Tummy Fat as well.
However, if problems persist over more than a week, then consult a doctor. Go, Rush Now before it leads to Flu !!!  

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