Cold Treatment During Summer

With 41 degree temperature today, you must be thinking that it’s not cold in summer and definitely not a time to catch cold. It is hot outside and a perfect time to sit in a well furnished air conditioned room; you feel active and want to get all your work done. And if you feel you are having cold in this scorching heat, there is nothing to be worried and it is absolutely normal. Even though chance of catching cold in summer is less likely than in winter, cold in summer is a common phenomenon. But, unlike winter cold which is nasty and short, summer colds are generally longer. As the virus which causes cold in winter is different from the one infecting you in summer. So, do not worry if it stays more than five- six days.
A few things to keep in mind about Summer Cold:
  1. Reason: We think that summer is the best time for having chilled drinks, but sadly our body doesn’t think so. There is a significant temperature difference between the body temperature and the cold food we consume. When cold food or beverages enters the food pipe, it encounters the warm vaporized fluid in the lungs. The result is phlegm formed in the lungs which lowers lung function and capacity. Prolonged ingestion of cold food and drink can cause coughs, susceptibility to the flu or other illnesses etc. 
The most common reason for such cold is the frequent shift of people between warm and cool environment. Frequent moving in and out of air conditioned room might actually increase the vulnerability of sickness in summer. The sudden chilling lowers the defenses in the nose and throat and if a virus is already present, this reduces our immunity to fight against it.
  1. Cold and Allergy: Summer colds can have more severe flu-like symptoms, in addition to sneezing and coughing.Since it stays longer, you might often confuse it with flu or allergies. It is common for cold in summer to last longer. However, if there are symptoms of itching eyes or ears, rashes etc you might be suffering from allergies.
  2. Avoid Heavy Work-Out: If you have cold, working out in summer, with the hope that your body shall feel warm and eventually you shall be relieved from the cold, is a bad idea. Since exercise and work outs drive out the energy of the body, decreasing the energy left to fight the virus.
  3. Proper Rest and Water: The best treatment would be to take ample amount of rest and plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Prefer drinking water and avoid beverages that can dry you out, like sodas, coffee, and alcohol, especially during the hot days of summer. However, a hot soup or green tea shall be beneficial.
  4. Yogi Kanthika: Zinc lozenges are expected not to work as good as in case of the common cold in winter. However, you can also try Yogi Kanthika which is purely herbal and sugar free pill. It restrains your throat from being dry,as well as the herbs present in it soothe your throat and provide relief from cough congestion.
  5. Doctor: You can also add fruits that contain vitamin C in your diet. However, consider consulting a physician if fever and rashes persist for over 10 days.

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Yogi Kanthika is a wonderful ayurvedic medicine, I tried it and felt much relived from soar throat and cough.

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This article was of great help

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