What is this Product?
Yogi Kanthika is a suck-able, sugar-free, Ayurvedic, throat relief medicine which helps in providing relief to all throat related problems.
Is this product Approved by any govt. Authorized dept or Lab?
Yes, Yogi Kanthika is approved by Food and Drug Administration Dept . License no. NKD/AYU -65
Does the product have quality certifications
Food and Drug Administration Department has issued a Certificate for quality and we have obtained GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing practices) for our factory at Satpur, Nashik.
How old is the brand?
Yogi Kanthika has been available India for the last 13 years and most of its users are repeat users.
What is the expiry of Yogi Kanthika Ayurvedic pills?
Three years from the date of manufacturing