Music Never Stops


Every good song that you hear makes you sing along. You are famous for your voice and you would do everything to make it sound that way. One the few things that you hate the most is “Hoarseness of voice”. Other than the blowing noses, irritating throat congestion, sneezes, and coughs, cold also takes away the melody from your voice making it sound hoarse. It is those days when you would anything to make your voice sound as earlier, as your day and your job depends on it.  You take all precautions to keep cold away from you, which include sacrificing your ice-creams, drinking tea instead of cold drinks, every morning hot water gargle. But still sometimes you suffer from hoarseness of voice might be due to cold or vocal strain due to over-using the voice and bad technique. This causes swelling, immobility of vocal folds which in turn leads to the feeling of stiffness and a hoarse voice.

Scared to face it? Have a look at a few things you could try:

1. Stop Smoking: If you are smoker, it is high time to realize the effect smoking can have on your throat and voice. Quit smoking at once. Refer to know how to quit smoking. Avoid secondhand smoke as well.

2. Drink Water: Drink plenty of water that will hydrate your throat and heal it faster. You can also have hot water with honey and lemon and avoid alcohol and caffeine based drinks.

3. Proper Diet: Take care of your diet and avoid spicy foods as they may increase the throat inflation. 

4. Rest: Take ample rest and try not to use your voice too long or too loudly. Proper rest to your throat and vocal cords will soothe and provide relief from pain.

5. Yogi Kanthika: You can also try Yogi Kanthika, which is a natural, sugar free, no side effect pill , very much effective for throat issues and hoarseness of voice. The presence of mulethi and sunth provides relief from sore throat and hoarseness of voice. See for details at how it cures.

6. Consult a Doctor: If problems persist for more than a week, contact the physician.

We also recommend you to use Kanthika as prevention for such issues, as nothing should ever come between you and your music and the show must go on.