How Yogi Kanthika cures you

Yogi Kanthika is a 100% ayurvedic and sugar-free formulation with no side-effects. As you suck the pill, the juices of herbs are absorbed by the throat muscles and soothe the scratchy pain and irritation from all types of throat problems. The presence of following ingredients heals your throat:

Jeshthamadh (Mulethi or Licorice) which is the base ingredient provides relief from sore throat, cough and hoarseness of voice. Works as an anti-inflammatory agent for throat swelling (Tonsillitis) as well as Freshens breath.

Sunth (Adrak or Ginger) soothes inflammation, pain and swelling, removes mucus and relieves spasms associated with intense coughing. Also effective in treating allergies that cause respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis.

Jaiphal (Nutmeg) clears your throat from excess sputum, improving voice quality as well as freshens your breath.

Tulasi (Holy Basil) provides relief from cough and also acts as an oral disinfectant. Its antibacterial property prevents development of respiratory infections.

Shitalchini (Java Pepper) provides relief from sinusitis as well as nasal congestion.

Pudina (Mint leaves) cures leaves further bacterial asthma and your mouth with a minty flavor.

Ajwain (Celery) has antimicrobial properties which relieves throat congestion.

Karpoor (Camphor) relieves pain and discomfort caused by coughing.

Babool (Acacia powder) soothes the membranes of inflamed pharynx providing relief from cough.

Sucking of each pill leaves a soothing and pain-free effect on the throat.

Consumption: It can be consumed any time of the day in addition to any other medicines. You can feel the effect on your throat in 1-2 days. Dosage:


For Age group 5 to 12 years: 1-2 pills to be sucked 5-6 times a day For Age group more than 12 years: 2-3 pills to be sucked 5-6 times a day

For Pregnant women: Not advisable during first 3 month of pregnancy. You can consume it after your first trimester (only after consulting the gynaecologist).